Governor Keating Places Anti-Cockfighting Measure On November Ballot In Oklahoma

Only three states—Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico — have yet to
outlaw cockfighting, the bloody spectacle in which handlers strap
razor-sharp knives or gaffs to the birds' legs and place them in a pit to
fight to the death.

On August 20th, Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating placed the
anti-cockfighting measure on the statewide ballot as State Question 687
(petitioners had collected 100,000 signatures, and cockfighters had
subsequently tangled the measure in the courts for nearly three years).
In addition to placing the measure on the ballot, Keating emphatically
endorsed SQ 687.

Said Governor Keating, "Cockfighting is cruel, it promotes illegal
gambling and it is simply embarrassing to Oklahoma to be seen as one of
only a tiny handful of locations outside of the third world where this
activity is legal. I will vote yes for State Question 687, and I encourage
all Oklahomans to do the same."

If voters approve SQ 687, cockfighting and related activities would become
a felony in Oklahoma. For more information on SQ 687 or to help the
campaign, go to

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