Happy Father’s Day Weekend, Jon Sheep!As a male sheep, Jon had…

Happy Father’s Day Weekend, Jon Sheep!

As a male sheep, Jon had been raised for one purpose: breeding. When we first met this handsome then-ram, he was part of a tiny trio who had somehow survived serious neglect.


Right to left: Jon, Louise, and Tracey

On both dairy sheep farms and farms where sheep are raised for meat, there is typically only one (or maybe two) males, and the rest are females. The sons on the dairy farms as well as in meat production are sold as lamb meat; often, the female sheep used to breed lambs are related. We suspect that was the case with Jon’s companions, Tracey and Louise. And we found them just in time… both were very pregnant!


Oh, baby, was last February busy!

While Jon was initially separated from his family members (so Tracey could give birth to Hazelton and Louise could deliver Reubie and Summer), the clan has enjoyed quality family time as of late. And the boys are giving Dad a run for his money. He and we couldn’t be happier. 


At Farm Sanctuary, Jon has a unique opportunity to actually spend time with his sons; to serve as a mentor and protector. And they will live full lives together, free from harm as all animals deserve.  

Help us honor Jon, one of Farm Sanctuary’s distinguished dad. Together, we can encourage awareness and understanding about the rich emotional lives of sheep. We can make a difference for all farm animals. With your support we can continue to promote compassionate, vegan living through rescue, education, and advocacy efforts. A compassionate world begins with you!

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