Happy International Mud Day!Pigs cannot sweat, so on…

The ultimate mud-bath!! Marge loves her mud!

Mud as sunscreen — unbeatable.

Honey and Chuck loving their mud nap.

Reggie enjoying the algae-covered mud

Jimmy from our Southern California sanctuary keeping cool!

The Doctor — taking an afternoon dip!

Noah pig is a muddy muddy mess — and a baby in this photo!

Eric pig eating a giant mouthful of mud!

Honey pig with a snout full of dirt!!!

Lola ends her first day at the farm in the mud!

Happy International Mud Day!

Pigs cannot sweat, so on International Mud Day, we want to thank mud for keeping our pals cool.


Julia takes the kids for a dip.

Mud also provides an awesome sunscreen for our pink friends, who are prone to skin cancer, and beats out any sunscreen for protection from harsh rays.


Best friends Lola and Reggie keeping cool in the Northern California heat. 

And nothing feels better on a hot day than a cool mud bath — which forms a candy mud shell when it dries, keeping the pigs cooler all day long!


Fiona enjoying a playful dip. 

So Happy International Mud Day — and if you can, go take a dip in the mud.  You will love it!


Julia’s babies enjoying a dip to cool off!

M is for the many ways you cool me

U is for UV rays you block

D is for the dirt that you are made of

By adding just a little water — mud, you rock!

Kim Gordon enjoying a cool, relaxing dip in the mud.


Eric tearing it up! We love mud!!!

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