Horses Granted Reprieve From Slaughter

Dear Friends,

Thanks to your amazing work over the past several months, we have made unprecedented progress to protect nearly 100,000 American horses from being slaughtered for human consumption overseas. So far this year, we have:

Helped pass an amendment, by a margin of 269-158, to the House Agriculture Appropriations bill that prohibits your tax dollars from supporting horse slaughter.

Helped pass a similar amendment to the Senate Agriculture Appropriations bill by a 69-28 margin.

Convinced House-Senate conference committee members to keep the horse-slaughter amendment in the final Agriculture Appropriations bill, despite vigorous efforts to strip it. Once the Senate passes this final version, it will stop horse slaughter in America for most of the next year.

These victories are because of you. Due to your phone calls and letters, Congress has spared thousands of animals the agony of being hauled over hundreds of miles and then brutally slaughtered for export as horse meat. Unfortunately, however, the House leadership, through backroom dealing, succeeded in inserting a 120-day phase-in period, during which time horses will continue to be slaughtered. They also included language intended to prohibit any future appropriations amendments to stop horse slaughter.

As a result, we MUST get a permanent ban on horse slaughter in place as soon as possible.

Two bills have been introduced in Congress that would permanently ban horse slaughter –

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