HRC: Compromise Preserves Filibuster, Prevents Future Extremists

Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese made the
following statement concerning the compromise reached on May 23rd between
seven Democrats and seven Republicans preserving the minority's right to
use a filibuster in the judicial nomination process.

"This compromise preserves the ability to block extremist nominees. This
will be particularly important when a nominee for the Supreme Court is
named. We laud this effort and those Senators from both sides of the
aisle who crafted the agreement to protect our nation and put an end to
the nuclear option.

"We are gravely disappointed that Judge William Pryor, who has a record
of attacking equal rights for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender
community, is one of the nominees who will proceed. We will continue to
focus on Pryor's extreme views and urge Senators of both parties to
oppose his nomination.

"However, in the long-term, this compromise has kept intact a process
that has been going on for centuries allowing the minority party to
weigh in on the judges selected by the majority. That this power is
preserved is extremely important to GLBT Americans and our allies. We
also urge the White House to pay renewed attention to the advice and
consent function of the Senate, as judicial nominees supported by a
consensus can avoid such rancor in the future."

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