HRC Responds To Lynne Cheney Remarks

Human Rights Campaign President Cheryl Jacques made the
following statement regarding comments made by Lynne Cheney
following the last Presidential Debate.

"President Bush missed one more chance to denounce discrimination last
night so it is bewildering that Lynne Cheney instead attacked Senator

"Senator Kerry made clear that gay Americans should have the same basic
rights, responsibilities and protections as every other American.

"Vice President Cheney first discussed his own daughter in the context
of this issue two months ago and it is not surprising that Senator Kerry
mentioned her experience as emblematic of millions of gay Americans.

"Senator Kerry was speaking to millions of American families who have
hard-working, tax-paying gay friends and family members."

According to the Associated Press, "Lynne Cheney accused Democratic
presidential candidate John Kerry of pulling a 'cheap and tawdry
political trick,' apparently for invoking her daughter's sexuality in
his debate with President Bush."

To view HRC's ad featuring Vice President Cheney discussing his
daughter, Mary Cheney, and his views on leaving marriage law up to the
states, visit:

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