Humane Society of the United States Statement on Connecticut Egg Factory Farm Collapse

The Humane Society of the United States responded to reports of the collapse of the structure at a large Connecticut egg factory farm due to heavy snow. News reports indicate that a shed collapse in Bozrah, Conn. caused 85,000 egg-laying hens to be crushed or frozen to death. Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The HSUS, stated: 

“Cramming such vast numbers of egg-laying hens into cages is inherently cruel and inhumane, and reforms should be adopted to turn around this problem. Beyond that, hens confined in cages on factory farms are kept in inordinately high concentrations, and when systems fail or disaster occurs, it can lead to a catastrophe, as occurred in Bozrah.

I testified in 2007 in favor of legislation to phase out these extreme confinement systems in Connecticut. It’s time for Connecticut to ban cage confinement similar to what Michigan and California have already done, and it’s time for the egg industry to shift to higher-welfare cage-free systems.”

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