Kent: A Kid With a Heart of Gold #AnimalRescue #AbandonedGoat

When Kent’s former guardians vacated the property they were
renting, they cruelly left the baby goat behind to fend for himself. Fortunately,
the landlord discovered the tiny kid and provided him with a temporary home
until permanent placement could be found. Farm Sanctuary was contacted by
another sanctuary that did not have room for the little goat, but hoped that we
might. Happily, we did, and Kent came to live at our Northern California
Shelter a short time later.

When Kent arrived and we were able to assess his condition, we
quickly put him on antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection and also treated
him for lice.

Hey what are you doign silly human- you should be petting me!

Baby Kent standing on one of his many stuffed animals

Kent getting some quality snuggle time with caretaker Annika


Young Kent with a stuffed animal friend.

From day one, this little goat has been a complete snuggle bug –
whether he was snuggling with his humanimal friends or his stuffed animals, he
only wanted to be close to someone or something that was snuggly and

Kent fell so in love with his caregivers that we had to
restructure his living arrangements because he became distraught if he could
not see or hear us. We moved him into our treatment room, in a small area we
dubbed his “loft.”

Kent loved his new digs and would spend his days getting lots of
attention and curiously watching everything his humanimal friends were up to.


Kent getting some kisses from one of his humanimal friends.

Once his upper respiratory infection was resolved and his lice successfully
treated, Kent was able to enjoy even more of his newfound freedom – he got to
go on walks, and even got to move in with some new friends: fellow goat kid Clarke
and Alida lamb!

While there was no doubt who was in charge of this trio (Clarke),
Kent was still the #1 cuddler of the group. He loved to spend time playing with
his new friends, but afterward just wanted to snuggle up on or by a human


Kent hanging with his humanimal friends while Clarke sneaks in for a photobomb.

Recently, Kent and his two friends moved in with three other
lambs rescued this year: Timi, Mason, and Topanga. Included in the deal was a much bigger yard for him
and his friends to play in! He loves to explore, but has a sixth sense for
knowing when one of his human friends is close by, and will run to the gate to
welcome them into his home.


“This bun tastes like a sugar bun!” 

Lately, Kent has decided that he loves to chew on his caregivers’ hair (we secretly wonder if he learned about this new hobby from longtime sanctuary resident Melvin goat, who also likes to engage in this


Kent with caregiver Kat, experimenting with his new love of hair-chewing.


Kent has come a long way from the tiny, sick, and itchy baby he was. He is growing into a beautiful,
happy, and healthy goat. We love everything about this sweet boy and can’t wait
to see what his future holds!


Please share Kent’s story. Together, we can raise awareness that goats like him are each someone, not something, deserving of love, care, and respect. With your support, we can continue to promote compassionate vegan living through rescue, education, and advocacy efforts. A compassionate world begins with you!


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