Maine Takes Step Toward Equality With Domestic Partner Bill

On April 27th, the Maine Legislature took a step toward equality by passing a domestic partnership registry bill. The measure (LD 1579)
provides inheritance rights, next-of-kin status, victim's compensation,
and guardian and conservator rights to domestic partners. Gov. John
Baldacci is expected to sign the measure shortly.

"The people of Maine are a step closer to full equality," said Human
Rights Campaign President Cheryl Jacques. "More than 6,000 Mainers now
have access to important legal protections in the event that their
same-sex partner dies. While states like Virginia and Oklahoma recently
passed anti-family bills, Maine is moving forward toward giving every
family equal rights and responsibilities."

This measure passed the House on April 12 with an 84 to 58 vote and the
Senate on April 27, with an 18 to 14 vote. If the governor signs the
bill, Maine will become the fifth state to pass statewide laws that
provide rights to unmarried couples (for a map, visit:
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