Mastercard Dumps Circus Cruelty!

We are pleased to report that after much pressure from numerous animal protection groups, MasterCard has severed its ties with Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus. The Fund and other organizations, along with a former Ringling elephant worker, have sued the circus for violating the Endangered Species Act by routinely beating and chaining endangered Asian elephants. The Fund also has a MasterCard program which donates a percentage of each purchase by cardholders back to our animal protection efforts, and we have been urging MasterCard to drop its partnership with Ringling since we became aware of the company's sponsorship of cruel circus events. You can thank MasterCard for dumping Ringling–and support The Fund's work at the same time–by joining our MasterCard program. To apply, call BB&T Bank at 1-800-476-4228 and ask for The Fund for Animals' MasterCard.

Read more about Ringling's cruelty to elephants in our report, "Government Sanctioned Abuse."

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