Model Legislation: Get a Truth-in-Labeling Bill Introduced in Your State

Thank you to the 6714 Organic Consumers Association activists who have written letters to your state legislators asking them to introduce legislation that would make GMO labels mandatory.

(If you haven’t done this yet, please click here)

Congratulations to our members in Hawaii! Their efforts have resulted in the first comprehensive GMO Truth-in-Labeling bill of 2011 being introduced in Hawaii.

Many of you have written us, letting us know that your state legislators are interested in introducing a Truth-in-Labeling bill and they’d like to see model legislation. The Hawaii bill, H.B. No. 1534, is an excellent model. It’s just two pages, it’s easy to understand and it says it all. Please click here to read it (PDF).

We’ve updated our Truth-In-Labeling alert with this information. Please take action and spread the word!

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