Nearly 50 Dogs Rescued from Hoarding Case Coming to Oregon

The Humane Society of the United States is transporting 47 dogs rescued from a large-scale hoarding situation in Arizona to Southern Oregon Humane Society and the Humane Society of Redmond. These dogs are some of the 230 animals rescued on March 23 by The HSUS and the Apache County Sheriff’s Department. The HSUS and United Animal Nations have been caring for the animals for the past month while local officials determined the dogs’ custody.

“We greatly appreciate Southern Oregon Humane Society and the Humane Society of Redmond for accommodating these dogs and finding them good, loving homes,” said Scott Beckstead, Oregon state director for The HSUS.  “The happy ending for these dogs is a great example of how The Humane Society of the United States’ partnership with local humane societies and animal shelters serves to improve the lives of countless animals all over the country.”

When responders arrived at the rural Arizona property they found breeds ranging from hound mixes to Labrador retriever mixes housed throughout the property. A veterinarian on the scene determined that many of the dogs suffered from medical ailments such as skin infections, untreated wounds and other serious ailments. The dogs were being housed in feces-ridden outdoor pens and inside several dilapidated structures.

All of the dogs have received thorough veterinary checks, all necessary vaccinations and are waiting to finally become cherished family pets. These dogs are true survivors, and will need public support and awareness to aid their recovery process.

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