Secretary Kerry’s Remarks to UN Emphasize Need for Climate Collaboration

In response to today’s remarks from Secretary of State John Kerry at the United Nations Signature Ceremony for the Paris Agreement, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) issued the following statement from Lou Leonard, vice president, climate change:

“Climate apathy is now officially in the rearview and the momentum from Paris remains strong. After today’s signing ceremony, governments need to quickly take the last steps to bring the Paris Agreement into force and get down to business meeting and beating their commitments.

“Secretary Kerry importantly reminded us that leadership from governments, cities and companies is needed to realize the potential of the Paris Agreement. Increasing our reliance on clean energy and shifting investments away from dirty fossil fuels will put the US closer to a zero-carbon future. If we want to prevent the most significant effects of climate change, ramped-up efforts must start now, which means delivering on the Clean Power Plan, as over 100 US companies called for this week.

“For the Obama administration, that also means keeping their French sharp, but shifting attention from Paris to Montreal, where climate negotiators will meet in October to create a plan to cut emissions from international aviation, the fastest growing source of global emissions. In Montreal, the US can ensure the Paris momentum continues and help rally nations to forge another agreement that brings us closer to the zero-carbon path that both people and the planet need to prosper.”

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