Senate Push to End Horse Slaughter

Thanks to the action of concerned people like you, the U.S. House of Representatives has taken steps to abolish the slaughter of horses for human consumption. With your help, we were able to convince the House to pass two amendments: one that prevents federal tax dollars from being used to slaughter our wild horses and another to help stop the flow of all horses, domestic and wild, to slaughterhouses in the United States. Our efforts now turn to the Senate, where your help is more critical than ever.

Senator John Ensign (R-NV), a champion in the fight to stop horse slaughter, will introduce the "American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act," to ban the transport, possession, purchase or sale of horses to be slaughtered for human consumption. "Our efforts to protect America's magnificent horses are gaining momentum and I am confident that we are close to seeing the end of the practice of slaughtering American horses for the purpose of human consumption," Ensign said. "Wild horses are an important part of the history and heritage of the American West, and domestic horses have served us as loyal and gentle companions. As a veterinarian and senator, I'm proud to join The Humane Society of the United States in the effort to protect American horses from slaughter for foreign menus."

Last year, more than 90,000 American horses were either killed in one of three foreign-owned slaughterhouses in the United States or shipped to Canada or Mexico for slaughter. Every year, our thoroughbreds, show horses, mustangs, carriage horses, and family ponies are shipped in inhumane conditions and butchered, despite the special place these animals hold in American history. Horses helped settle this country. For 400 years, they were a primary means of transport and to this day they are still beloved companions to millions. They deserve better than to be hoisted by a rear leg, cut with a long blade, and bled out for the purpose of satisfying overseas appetites.

Please help us end horse slaughter this year. Contact your two U.S. Senators and urge them to become original co-sponsors of Senator Ensign's American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

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