Sierra Club Urges Senate to Pass Renewable Electricity Standard

On September 21st, The Sierra Club applauded the news of a national Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) bill being introduced in the Senate by senators Jeff Bingaman and Sam Brownback. Statement of Dave Hamilton, Director of Sierra Club Global Warming & Energy Programs. 

“The current tone in Washington is bitterly harsh, but members of both parties understand that Americans want clean energy to power their lives, and many have already taken action to encourage more clean energy usage.” 

“More than twenty states already have an RES, and those have proven to be effective in boosting clean energy production – not to mention local economies. The Senate should accept the challenge of these cutting edge states in order to challenge China for international leadership in clean energy production.”

“An RES ensures that there will be a stable, guaranteed demand for renewable energy – which in turn encourages significant investments in renewables. A national RES should be a top priority for Congress. We urge the Senate to pass a strong RES that will create jobs, boost the economy, and fight global warming.”

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