Southern California Shelter Evacuation

As the Sand Fire in Southern California continues to grow, many people have reached out to check on the animals and staff at our Acton sanctuary. While the fire has not threatened the sanctuary itself to date, the area around our Acton location came under mandatory evacuation Sunday in order to protect the health of our animal residents. We were humbled by the outpouring of support from the incredible volunteers who worked alongside our dedicated staff to evacuate – despite the low visibility and poor air quality in Acton. We are very happy to report that everyone is safe, and that the animals are being cared for in off-site temporary shelter locations. By Sunday evening, we had managed to successfully transport all 104 animals to safety in a matter of hours – no small feat, especially considering that several of our residents continue to suffer post-traumatic stress from their previous lives. And of course, we always take extra precautions for our special-needs residents, such as Dopey pig, who has trouble with his legs and required more time than the other animals to enter and exit the trailer. In the video above, get the latest update on the situation and check in with our rescued residents, who are making the best of things in their temporary home and receiving lots of TLC from their humanimal friends.
Our residents are receiving round-the-clock love and care at their temporary evacuation sites. Leaving your home because of a wildfire definitely isn’t easy, but snacks can help make a tough situation better!

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