Spain Makes History Granting Equal Rights and Responsibilities to All Spanish Families

The Spanish Parliament made history on June 29th by allowing
same-sex couples and their children access to the rights,
responsibilities and protections of marriage. HRC President Joe
Solmonese made the following statement:

"With one vote, thousands of men, women and children will be protected
under equality. Same-sex couples need the same tools as every other
family to protect their children and their relationship.

"With Canada recently ending the denial of marriage to same-sex couples
and now Spain, the world can see that everyone is better off when their
friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors are protected. Just
as in Massachusetts, life goes on as normal for everyone else but those
families enjoy the hundreds of protections and responsibilities that a
legal marriage provides.

"This law protects religious freedom and only deals with the civil
elements of marriage. Houses of worship will continue to perform only
those marriages they see fit.

"Fair-minded leaders in the United States should take these lessons and
protect every American family equally."

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