Tell Conquest Air Cargo to Stop Sending Monkeys to Laboratories!

PETA has learned that Miami-based cargo airline Conquest Air Cargo may be transporting shipments of live monkeys destined for imprisonment and experimentation in U.S. laboratories.

African green monkeys, the primates Conquest Air Cargo is reportedly transporting, are very social animals. They live in groups of seven to 80 individuals with whom they communicate both verbally and nonverbally. They warn their fellow group members of predators by using specific calls, and they use facial expressions to convey their emotions.

Two monkeys in nature

But in the laboratories that they’re transported to, they’re denied a life that is natural and crucial to their well-being. Tormenting animals for profit or experiments is a form of speciesism. African green monkeys—and all primates—deserve to live in their natural environment, free from harmful experiments and away from cruel speciesist companies that treat these sensitive individuals like laboratory equipment or cargo.

Thanks to your help, we’ve persuaded nearly every major airline in the world to stop transporting monkeys to laboratories, but it appears that Conquest Air Cargo may be one of the few companies still willing to dirty their hands in this shameful trade. It has refused to answer our questions regarding its involvement in and policies on live-animal cargo.

Please urge it to come clean about its live-animal transportation policy and abandon any plans to transport monkeys destined for laboratories:

  • Leave a polite comment for Conquest Air Cargo on Facebook. Urge it to tell the truth about whether it’s transporting shipments of monkeys destined for experimentation.

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Take Action: Tell Conquest Air Cargo to Leave Monkeys Alone

  • Tweet @Air_Cargo_News to tell the publication that you just learned that Conquest Air Cargo is reportedly sending monkeys to labs and it needs to stop!

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  • Call Marc Wolff, CEO of Conquest Air Cargo, at 305-593-8847 and politely ask him to prohibit shipments of primates destined for laboratories and laboratory suppliers. Please don’t skip this important step. After you make the call, let us know how it went. Your feedback is important to us.

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  • Take instant action:

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