The HSUS Applauds Ohio House of Representatives for Passing Bill to Prevent Cruelty, Combat Dog Overpopulation Crisis

The  Humane Society of the United States applauds the Ohio House of Representatives for passing Amended Substitute Senate Bill 130, legislation that will impose new regulations to curb many of the worst abuses of high volume dog breeders. If the Senate concurs with the House’s draft, the bill will go to the governor for his signature.

“The Humane Society of the United States applauds Ohio’s House of Representatives for working to end the cycle of pet overpopulation and the suffering of countless dogs that puppy mills perpetuate,” said Karen Minton, Ohio state director for The HSUS. “No dog should be forced to spend a lifetime in a small wire cage with no human companionship or comfort.”

Ohio is one of 22 states with no regulation or oversight of commercial high volume breeding kennels. The bill, which passed the Ohio Senate unanimously in February, requires the licensure and annual inspection of high volume breeders that sell 60 dogs or produce at least nine litters in a single calendar year. The bill also creates a Commercial Dog Breeding Advisory Board to assist the Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture in the promulgation of standards including rules on housing, nutrition, exercise, waste management, grooming, whelping and other general care standards. To ensure Ohio is no longer a magnet for unscrupulous breeders, the bill prohibits anyone convicted of animal cruelty in the last twenty years from obtaining a license.    

“S.B. 130 is the product of careful consideration, intense labor and a spirit of cooperation,” said State Rep. Dave Hall, Chairman of the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. “Thanks to Senator Hughes, we had a good base. I’m pleased to say that the House Agriculture  Committee was able to work with both sides of this issue to clarify and strengthen certain aspects that were critical for its passage. We were able to find that elusive ‘middle ground.’ As someone whose family has taken care of several rescue pets, I can say with confidence that this bill’s passage is a major victory for all Ohio dog lovers.”

Puppy mills are large-scale commercial dog breeding operations that mass-produce puppies for sale through pet stores, over the Internet and directly to the public. Focused solely on making a profit, these facilities keep dogs in crowded, filthy conditions where they receive little or no socialization, affection, or exercise. Breeding dogs are forced to live their entire lives in small cages with no opportunity for exercise or social contact.

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