U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture "Wildlife Services" Division Has A Proposal To Poison Millions Of Red-Winged Blackbirds In North Dakota And South Dakota

This poisoning will impact endangered species as well as other birds and
wildlife. This taxpayer-funded government agency has been engaged in the
poisoning and slaughter of wildlife in the United States for many years.

The current proposal to poison millions of blackbirds is under Docket
No. 01-013-3 with the Regulatory Analysis and Development Section. You
can express your comments to stop this chemical poisoning of birds and
other wildlife by sending an email message to:


In addition to contacting the U.S. Department of Agriculture, please
contact the following company which sells sunflower seeds. Tell them you
will purchase nothing from them unless they put pressure on the USDA and
the National Sunflower Association to cancel any plans to poison these
birds. If you feed birds, please also contact the company whose
sunflower seeds you purchase and give them the same message.

Morning Song – www.morningsong.com

4824 Tazer Drive, Lafayette, IN 47905

Consumer Line: 888-984-6110, ext. 1

Here is a sample letter which you may help you when contacting Morning
Song or any other supplier of sunflower seed:

I understand that the National Sunflower Association, which represents
farmers who grow sunflowers, is asking the U.S. Department of
Agriculture's Wildlife Services (a.k.a. Animal Damage Control) to poison
as many as six million red-winged blackbirds during a three-year period.
The plan calls for spreading poison-laced rice in the spring, when the
birds are hungry and begin to migrate north to nest. A South Dakota
study showed that 294 species of birds, in addition to red-winged
blackbirds, were eating from a poison-laced test site.

I hope that Morning Song is not doing business with farmers represented
by the National Sunflower Association. I intend to immediately terminate
purchase of any seeds from companies working with this Association.

Thank you. I look forward to your response.


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