Update On Radio Show Cruelty Cases

Good news! Following a flood of

letters from readers across the world, Denver disc jockey

Steven Meade (from KBPI, owned by Clear Channel Communications) was

sentenced on Monday (03/12) for an on-air stunt in which he had a live hen

thrown off a 3rd-story balcony. Judge Alfred

Harrell ordered Meade to attend 24 one-hour counseling sessions for people

convicted of cruelty to animals, to pay $991 in fines and court costs

($400 of which will go to the Animal Protection Fund), and to serve 100

hours of community service to benefit animals. During the sentencing, Mr.

Meade apologized profusely, saying, “It was a dumb prank. Believe me,

there will be nothing on the radio even remotely close to this again.”

Congratulations to all the readers whose letters and phone

calls ensured Mr. Meade’s sentencing. In a related story, WXTB in Tampa,

Florida (another Clear Channel owned-station), has suspended its DJ “Bubba

the Love Sponge” (aka Todd Clem) after an on-air stunt which involved the

castration and slaughter of a pig in the radio station’s parking lot. Stay tuned for more updates on this case, as we

will be following it very closely.

In the meantime, you can send your

thanks to CD Now and Gameworks, two of the companies who put morals over

profits and canceled their dealings with Clear Channel in response to

WXTB’s on-air cruelty!


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