USDA Okays Label Fraud On Body Care Products While Penalizing Honest Companies

Despite consumer and industry objections to rampant labeling fraud, the USDA has announced it will no longer take steps to monitor or police organic label claims on body care products, nor will it allow companies that utilize 100% certified organic ingredients to display the "USDA Organic" seal. This means that unscrupulous body care companies will be allowed to continue labeling their products as organic–even when they are not–while honest companies that are actually using all organic ingredients will not be able to differentiate their products in the marketplace. Thumbing their collective organic noses at the USDA, a number of companies including Dr. Bronners and Sun Dog, have now publicly stated that it is their legal right to keep on displaying the USDA Organic seal on products that conform to National Organic Standards. Learn more…

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