Vatican Document Dodges Responsibility and Scapegoats Gays

After weeks of speculation, the Vatican formally released a
document in late November calling on the restriction of gays in the priesthood. The document outlines that gay men with "deep-seated homosexual
tendencies" or those who support gay culture should be barred from
entering the seminary. The document was released three years after a
sex abuse scandal rocked the Catholic Church.

"This is a scapegoat scheme masquerading as Vatican decree." said Human
Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese. "What is being released today
is a decree serving as a diversion that neither keeps children safe nor
holds criminals responsible."

On the eve of the official release the Human Rights Campaign
sent out a nationwide call to action to all fair-minded Catholics to
speak directly to the priests in local parishes throughout the country.

The call to action stated: "We are calling on all Catholics of goodwill
to speak to their priests and express their deep concern at this
decision," said Harry Knox, Director of the Human Rights Campaign's
Religion and Faith Program. "We're speaking directly to Catholics in
the pews and urging them to consider what Jesus would do if he saw his
neighbor treated this way."

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