Who Are The Aliens?

They say it takes all kinds of people to make a world. This bit of so-called wisdom is what some label common sense.

I won't delve into the obvious flaws with this kind of logic, namely the fact that it takes more than people to make a world. Or the possibility that there might indeed be many worlds elsewhere in this vast cosmos we call home, some of which may in fact exist for a very limited kind or type of person or life form.

What I will do is take exception to the entire premise itself: namely that we do in fact have all kinds of people here on this planet. I suggest there have only been three kinds of people on Earth, ever. As evidence I offer my own experience, based upon a lifetime of observation and research.

I hope you will disagree and I hope you will prove me wrong. However, I must tell you that I will need more than your opinion to be convinced I am in error. I will need proof. And until I have that proof positive, I will continue to say there have only been three kinds of people here throughout all of history.

Am I insane? Or perhaps you may wonder about my intelligence or my ability to correctly perceive the world around me. Surely even a partially sane, semi-conscious person would easily be able to see that there are thousands of personality types on this Earth. And further, that this variety is perhaps the most important factor contributing to our rich heritage of fascinating cultures and civilizations extant down through the ages.

Perhaps I am insane. Perhaps I am blind and deaf and dumb. Perhaps I am an idiot to boot. Or perhaps not, for I still say there have been only three types of people to have ever inhabited this planet.

Call the peoples of this world "all kinds" if you will. I say you are wrong. And I will even take it further. I also say that we, as a so-called race of beings, are no different today than we were a thousand, or even ten thousand years ago.

Throughout all times there have been only three kinds of people here on this earth, ever. And we humans are no different now than we have ever been.

"Absurd," you say? Ridiculous?

Certainly not. All you need do is look around you. The facts are plain to see and, in fact easier to surmise today than ever before in history, with all of our multi-media real time TV, radio and internet access.

If I am wrong, what is different about people today than a thousand years ago? We still have the same basic needs, wants and desires. The only thing that's changed really are the tools we have made to supposedly help us satisfy those needs, wants and desires.

Other than that, things are the same.

What do you mean, " we are more advanced"? Other than some new and different tools, in what way? We still have war and pestilence; we are still completely helpless in the wake of natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes. We still haven't learned how to live and let live in peace.

We still eat too much and take our games far too seriously. We still sing and dance and tell stories about one another. We enjoy watching others play act.

We still use intoxicating and/or addictive substances to supposedly help us cope.

Greed is also still rampant.

We still rape and sack and pillage.

We still are either rulers, subjects or slaves in some form or fashion. And of course we still have many different religions that worship anything and everything, including the so-called one true God.

We are still as prejudiced and insecure as we ever were, even if we can't or won't admit it.

We still live in fear of the unknown. And we still make a mess of just about everything we do, given enough time.

We still don't know where we came from or where we will go, if anywhere, after we die.

I could go on and on and on. If you are honest with yourself, you know that I could. And while you are being honest, please go ahead and name one single important advance we have made that has made us better people than we have ever been before?

Unless I am very wrong, every advance that comes to mind will involve technological or scientific advances in the tools we use. These tools include every facet of life, from improved garden hoes to stealth bombers; the latest allergy medication to nanotech body armor.

I'm sorry, but these examples won't fly. In fact, they are part of the problem. What problem? Well, I ask you, have you every wondered just why our civilization seems so young. When you look at recorded history, we as a race have only been here for a very short time, when you stop and consider that the Earth has existed for billions of years.

If you don't quite get my meaning . . . let me use this example. It's been over half a century since I was born. I have watched the growth of a large city I have visited from time to time since my birth. During my short lifetime that city has increased in size and population by over 50%. It is only 150 years old. Our entire nation is only 227 years old! The oldest nation we have is said to be China which is some 10,000 years old.

Science says we've only been here approximately 275,000 years. If that's true, the Earth has existed long enough for 4,000 civilizations like ours to have come and gone, even if it took a billion years before the planet was capable of hosting and sustaining life.

So what happened? We went from the stone age to the space age in about 50 thousand years. And yet, for all practical purposes, we as a race are mere toddlers. When you consider all the time during which we could have and should have existed on this Earth . . . why are we not far, far advanced beyond our current state? Why can't we point back to a rich history of at least a mere 500,000 years, if not a million?

Could it be that we have achieved this and perhaps even more lofty states of advancement in the deep, deep past? If so, where is the evidence? In answer I return to my original statement, namely that there have only been three types of people to ever inhabit this world.

The human race has produced a sea of brilliant minds. These clever people have taken science and technology quite far. The have also advanced both the fine and the performing arts. Others have pushed forward the boundaries on all other fronts of human endeavor, from agriculture and animal husbandry to medicine and so on. Others have pondered deeply the meaning of existence and broadened the philosophical relms of thought and reasoning and logic. But even so, there remains, to my simple mind, only three basic types of people.

The first type is in the majority, making up perhaps from 90% to 96% of the so-called living population at any given time in history. This group, for the most part, controls the material destiny of the race. They produce the vast majority of the material wealth extant at any given time. They also directly or indirectly control this wealth and hold title to the vast majority of the ownable and exploitable natural resources of the Earth.

Whether rich or poor, educated or not, religious or philosophical or not, this first group shares one common characteristic which makes them, one and all, the same type of person. This characteristic can only be referred to as an immature state of being. Though some of them possess intellects easily equaling an Einstein, they have the emotional maturity of a very young child. And we all know what happens when children play with fire. Only in this case, the kids are in control on the whole shooting match, nukes and all!

The second type of people found on the Earth are not drawn to material wealth, or at least not drawn to it for the sake of having and controlling wealth. This is to say, while there are certainly wealthy individuals in this second group, material wealth is of little or no importance to them. Neither is control. This group is more or less emotionally mature, though still quite human in every way. They would make the most moral and just of leaders but sadly, rarely seek or find themselves in such positions of power.

They would have the world run on the simple golden rule and even dream of one global nation in which all share equally in the material and spiritual wealth this world has to offer. However they also know that their dreams will never happen because they are realists as well as dreamers. They well know who is really in control and why and how. As such, they content themselves with whatever examples of peace and happiness the may find and look forward to better times and worlds to come. Worlds peopled by those who share their ideals, and their goals.

The final type of person is so rare as to be all but nonexistent. These are the avatars who are born into the world and who by the example of their actions and deeds touch the lives of multitudes of people and inspire future generations to emulate or embody their teachings and words of wisdom.

Happily, as we study these teachings, we find most of them to be strikingly similar in substance. Just one example is a common assurance of eternal life and that the states of being that make up life everlasting are relative to each other. Past lives help determine the state of being experienced in future lives.

Hence we are assured of an overall justice that pervades the cosmos.

If this is true, then I suggest that there are indeed worlds which are made up of certain types of persons. And if so, this one, which we call Earth, is obviously for those who haven't quite accepted the simple facts that all children must learn: every action produces a reaction; as we sow, so shall we reap.

The good news is once we learn that those who fail to heed the hot stove will surely be burned, and learned that lesson well enough to know that it also relates to our every thought act and deed, we may then move on to other places which have been prepared for us. Places that are even more lovely and filled with ever greater lessons to learn and challenges to overcome.

As we move forward and continue the great cosmic plan of existence and the great work and missions of our lives, there will always be those who will need this Earth, just as we do now.

Who knows. Perhaps someday a couple of hundred thousand years from now, you and I will decide to explore some distant corner of the universe in our ten times faster than light space ship. If so, we would be certain to include a wonderful little planet in a far removed solar system that supports some fascinating life forms.

While there, we'd enjoy watching the antics of an infant race of humans who must forever begin anew because of a bizarre game they insist on playing. The game begins when one clever group once again learns how to create an array of terrible weapons powerful enough to destroy the whole world. Then after much entertaining trail and error, they actually build an arsenal of these weapons. Soon other clever groups must do the same in order to protect themselves from each other! Of course they all agree never to use the weapons for obvious reasons!

Over time, less clever groups enter the game as wild cards, managing somehow to beg borrow or steal what they need to build equally terrible, though perhaps inferior weapons of their own.

The fascinating and unbelievable thing to galactic tourists like us would surely be the fact that there is no way to win the game! The players have simply sow the seeds of their own destruction! Ultimately, the entire planet merely becomes one big powder keg just waiting for a spark to set it off! The situation only worsens as each clever group continues to build bigger and more terrible weapons! Due to the law of probability, it is only a matter of time before most of the planet must surely go up in spectacular flame!

The trick for tourists like us would be in figuring out when it likely to happen in enough time to arrive just before the show! Stopping by as often as one is in the neighborhood would improve the odds proportionately. Of course, for those who aren't lucky enough to catch it first hand, I imagine the story would be carried on the intergalactic holographic news networks.

Yes, I can certainly see how our little planet is one of many novelties emjoyed by the peoples of the universe. If so, I just hope they all realize that to get where they are, they too had to do time here on Earth, just like you and I.

For the record, I don't really know if "aliens" from other worlds have ever visited the Earth at any time in the past or if they will indeed do so in the future. If so, there is only one explanation that makes any sense!

We came to this Earth from some other place. After our lessons are learned here, we will move on to other places, some of which may ultimately be other worlds here in this very universe! In fact, unless I am wrong, and I don't think I am, let me go on record as being the first, or perhaps one of the first to point out the obvious!

So-called Aliens are perhaps none other than us, coming back from the future!

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