Bad News For African Elephants And Anacapa Wildlife

At the recent Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species
(CITES) meeting in Santiago, Chile, African elephants suffered a
devastating blow when the 159 member countries approved the renewed
trade in elephant ivory. With a slim majority of only three votes–and
with the U.S. voting in favor of the ivory trade for the first
time–the parties agreed to allow the nations of Botswana, Namibia,
and South Africa to sell ivory on the international market. The
renewed ivory trade will lead to exponentially more elephant poaching
and the decline of this fragile species.

And on Anacapa Island in the
Channel Islands National Park in California, the National Park Service
has just completed its second aerial drop of a highly toxic and
indiscriminate poison to exterminate black rats. The Park Service has
undoubtedly killed hundreds of federally protected migratory birds in
the process, and has likely caused the extinction of the rare Anacapa
deer mouse, despite a petition from The Fund for Animals and Channel
Islands Animal Protection Association to list the rare animal under
the Endangered Species Act.

More information on the elephant ivory
issue is at:

And more information on the Anacapa poisoning is at:

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