Bill To Ban Horse Slaughter Introduced In Congress

U.S. Representative Connie Morella (R-MD) has introduced HR 3781, the
American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, to ban the trade in horsemeat and
live horses for human consumption. While horsemeat is not commonly
consumed in the U.S., there is a growing industry in which horses are
killed in U.S. slaughterhouses and shipped overseas. "More than 55,000
horses were slaughtered in America last year to satisfy consumer demand
overseas," says Congresswoman Morella. "Thousands more were shipped live
to Canada and Mexico for slaughter there . . . When told that our horses
are being slaughtered for dinner in Europe, the vast majority of Americans
are horrified and want the practice banned."


Contact your U.S. Representative (Congressional switchboard: 202/224-3121)
and ask that s/he sign on as a cosponsor of HR 3781, the American Horse
Slaughter Prevention Act. To find the name of your U.S. Representative, go
to or call The HSUS at 202/ 955-3666.To read a copy
of HR 3781, go to and type "HR3781" into the search

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