Common Pesticide Causes Aggression & Brain Damage

Glufosinate, a pesticide used widely in the U.S. and whose residues have been found in the food and water supply, has been verified to cause brain and hormonal damage. Japanese government studies have confirmed previous research that glufosinate sets off violent behavior in lab animals. Male rats exposed to the chemical aggressively attack each other, while female rats remain peaceful. But female offspring of rats previously exposed to the pesticide "became aggressive and started to bite each other, in some cases until one died." said Yoichiro Kuroda, principle investigator of the study, adding, "That report sent a chill through me." Glufosinate, which is used as an herbicide on several varieties of genetically modified canola and corn, is also linked to neurological defects that increase the rate of hyperactivity and decrease IQs. Learn more…

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