Illinois Becomes Ninth State to Enact Automatic Voter Registration

On August 28th, after it passed both state houses unanimously, Governor Rauner signed the Automatic Voter Registration bill, making Illinois the ninth state plus Washington, DC to take such action.
In response, Sierra Club Illinois Chapter Director Jack Darin released the following statement:
“I’m proud to see Illinios become more democratic today, thanks to the efforts of a broad coalition of groups and community leaders. In order to ensure everyone has the right to clean air and water, we must first ensure that we have a democracy representative of the people, not corporate polluters. No longer will Illinoisans see their right to vote restricted or made more difficult. Instead, we will now all be guaranteed our right to have a voice in our states’ and our communities’ future. Voting is a right that all of us enjoy, and something to be done with ease. I’m proud to see my state will be a leader in expanding democracy.”

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