Navy's New Target: Island Water Buffalo

In Guam, the U.S. Navy has hired sharpshooters to kill members of the island's water buffalo population, claiming that the animals have been intruding on Navy space. Water buffalo are docile animals who were imported to Guam by the Spanish decades ago. Since then, they have become an integral part of island culture, and their ruthless extermination now by the U.S. Navy has shocked and upset local Guam residents.

In the past, the Navy has allowed local islanders to "adopt" water buffalo calves, and it has also implemented immunocontraception programs (akin to "birth control" for wildlife) to help control water buffalo numbers. The Navy's sudden decision to switch over to lethal control of the population is both reckless and cruel and sets a terrible precedent for dealing with wildlife.


Contact the Navy's Resources Manager for Guam and ask him to stop the massacre of the island's water buffalo. Tell him to give non-lethal methods, especially immunocontraception, time to work.

Robert W. Wescom
Natural Resources Manager
PSC 455 Box 152, FPO AP 96540
Phone: 671-339-4366

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