Sign the Petition to Support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act

The U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics show that
55,776 horses were slaughtered last year at three
American-based, Belgian-owned slaughterhouses for human
consumption abroad. Tens of thousands more were shipped
live to Canada for slaughter there. Most horses arrive at the
slaughterhouse via livestock auctions where they are bought
by "killer buyers" who travel from one auction to the next
collecting young, old, sick and healthy animals until their
trucks are full. Some are shipped for more than 24 hours at
a time without food, water or rest. Callous treatment at the
slaughterhouse often results in prolonged suffering. Improper
use of stunning equipment, designed to render the animal
unconscious with a swift shot to the head, means that
horses sometimes endure repeated blows, and remain
conscious during their own slaughter, including throat


H.R. 3781, the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act,
would prohibit the trade and transport of live horses and
horse flesh intended for human consumption. Containing
both domestic and international trade provisions, this bill will
end this atrocious trade for good, not send it over the
border or further abroad. Americans do not eat horses. We
do not raise them for food. Please visit this link and sign the
petition to support H.R. 3781.

Also contact your Congresspersons and ask them to
co-sponsor H.R. 3781, the American Horse Slaughter
Prevention Act. To find your members of Congress, visit our
Legislative Action Center.

For more information, please visit SAPL or DDAL, or read The
Fund for Animals' fact sheet on wild horses.

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