Trump Gives Coal Companies Free Rein to Pollute Water With One of His First Actions in Office

Yesterday, Donald Trump signed into law a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution that scrapped the Stream Protection Rule (SPR) and put the health of thousands of Americans living near coal mining sites at serious risk.

The SPR was the product of more than eight years of work by the Office of Surface Mining, incorporating input from a wide range of industry, state, community and environmental stakeholders. After receiving more than 100,000 public comments, the Obama Administration finalized the rule late last year, which many considered a long overdue step toward guaranteeing that every community in America has the right to clean water, not matter the wealth or political muscle of polluters.

Yesterday, Trump ignored the overwhelming number of comments from citizens directly impacted by water pollution and instead bent to the will of coal executives. SPR was the first major clean water protection addressing these coal mine dumping issues in 30 years.

In response, Dalal Aboulhosn, Deputy Legislative Director for Land and Water, released the following statement:

“With a stroke of his pen, Donald Trump just ensured that one of his first actions as President was to let coal companies dump pollution in our streams and rivers.

“Trump didn’t try to combat poverty, lower the cost of healthcare, or ensure better opportunities for our families with his first actions as President. Instead, he destroyed science-based clean water protections that would have stopped coal companies from dumping unlimited toxic waste into waterways used for fishing, drinking water, and agriculture.

“Families across the country are paying attention, and are seeing that Donald Trump is clearly favoring big polluters over their communities. This is a disgraceful way to start an administration.”

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