A Coca-Cola Story

Once upon a time (in 2001, to be specific), the Coca-Cola corporation built a bottling plant in a small and remote Indian village in the state of Kerala. In exchange for sucking vast amounts of water out of the local land, the mighty corporation promised to bring the people great wealth. But within a few short months, the village people began to notice their wells were running dry, so they complained to the corporation. Coca-Cola calmed the concerns of the people and attempted to win back their favor by giving them vast amounts of free fertilizer, saying it would grow bountiful crops beyond their wildest dreams. After several years of use, we arrive at the present day when the village people have suddenly discovered the fertilizer is actually the bottling plant's waste sludge and is laden with cadmium, a highly toxic, cancer-causing heavy metal. The village soil and water are now too heavily contaminated to safely occupy human life, so the plant was shut down last week. Moral of the story: Don't drink Coke……….drink Pepsi! Just kidding, Pepsi is actually in the process of being thrown out of India for similar crimes, as well.

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