A Mentally Unstable Diet: Don't Panic Go Organic

A new report from the Mental Health Foundation indicates that dietary changes over the last fifty years have played a negative role in human mental health. Industrial agriculture has introduced pesticides and altered the body fat composition of animals due to the diets they are now fed. As a result, the population's intake of omega-3 fatty acids has decreased, and the consumption of omega-6 fatty acids has increased. According to the study, this unequal intake, combined with a lack of vitamins and minerals, is associated with depression, concentration and memory problems. Dr Andrew McCulloch, chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation, said, "We are well aware of the effect of diet upon our physical health. But we are only just beginning to understand how the brain as an organ is influenced by the nutrients it derives from the foods we eat and how diets have an impact on our mental health."


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