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Visiting with a Special Cattle Family, Fun with Benedict & Chucky, Checking in with Cameron and Mouse, and More!

For the residents of our New York Shelter, this past week has been another filled with playtime, relaxation, growth (in the case of our youngest residents), and lots of quality time spent with family and friends — just the way it should be! Here’s a look at what they’ve been up to.


Francis, front, and Louise, back, hanging out in the sheep barn.

Cashew is getting big!

Liam sheep relaxing.

Gee donkey lounging in the pasture with friends.

Panza goat loves Farm Sanctuary life!

Hello from Jessica alpaca

Amazing mom Nikki relaxing in the barn with her family.


Checking In with Liz, Cashew, and Jerome


This special little family is thriving at sanctuary, and we’re so excited to watch young Cashew and Jerome grow up together. Above, brothers Jerome (left rear) and Cashew (front right) spend some quality time together in the pasture.


Mom Liz watches over baby Cashew.


Jerome peeks out from behind mom.


Cashew investigates the camera.

Playtime for Jerome!

Look Who’s Growing Up!


Little Cameron piglet is a growing boy, getting bigger and stronger every day.

Playtime with Benedict and Chucky

Best pals Benedict and Chucky were rescued from the same horrific backyard butcher operation in New York’s Hudson Valley last fall. Both boys were in terrible shape when they arrived at Farm Sanctuary, so it’s incredibly special to see them playing together, so happy and carefree.

Mouse is Loving Life!


Mouse was rescued at the same time as Benedict and Chucky, and suffered from a leg broken early in life that had never been treated. When he came to Farm Sanctuary, he was only able to use three of his legs; the fourth was withered and unusable. This resilient boy spent months at the Nemo Farm Animal Hospital at Cornell University, undergoing surgeries and physical therapy to help him walk with greater ease. We were thrilled when he was able to return home earlier this year! This very happy pig is loving Farm Sanctuary life, relishing simple pleasures like sunny days (as you can see in this photo), and continuing his physical therapy regimen with his beloved caregivers.

A Visit from Photographer Joel Anderson


Our residents were treated to a visit from the incredible photographer Joel Anderson this week, and as you can see, Liz was very happy to meet him!


Joel gets a visit from Bruce goat, another survivor of the Hudson Valley backyard butcher who is now thriving at sanctuary along with his family.


Skye goat poses for his portrait.


As you can see, Skye knows a thing or two about mugging for the camera!

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Francis has had a great week, and we hope you have too!

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