African Conservation Foundation Launches New "Art for Africa" Project

The African Conservation Foundation (ACF) is announcing a unique fundraising campaign with award-winning Canadian painter, Daniel Taylor. The "Art for Africa" project is a partnership to create artwork for wildlife conservation and for educating school children in Africa.

Taylor is a world famous painter. He transforms an original portrait into his signature style known as high realism art. High realism is the realist and natural representation of life in a work of art.

"We are thrilled to be working with Daniel on the "Art for Africa" project," said ACF Director Arend de Haas. "This is an important campaign for us because it will directly support our work in East and West Africa. Each painting will be available as limited edition prints, as well as prints signed by a celebrity."

These paintings will portray animals like the elephant, gorilla and lion, and other endangered species. Taylor explains, "I have spent many years developing my technique. I can reveal on canvas the warmth, the beauty of Africa, but also the severity of the given crisis, that mere words cannot express."

The goal of the "Art for Africa" project is to sell limited edition prints to generate revenue for ACF. In addition, Taylor has created a portrait of a little girl to raise funds for another ACF program called Nature for Kids. This program is an educational effort to help school children in Africa learn about environmental and wildlife conservation in their communities.

Taylor will create a unique series of paintings. The revenue from each painting will be used for the conservation of a specific endangered animal and for the Nature for Kids program.

The first original paintings will be revealed at a special event planned for late summer. Taylor concludes, "Art has always looked to nature for inspiration. In this unique program, nature turns the tables and looks at art."

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