Ann Taylor's Fashion Misstep Hurts Animals

The fur industry is celebrating upscale fashion retailer Ann Taylor's decision to introduce fur garments into its fall fashion lineup. The September 27 issue of Fur World exclaims that Ann Taylor's new fall styles "include a fur component that is exposing fashion conscious women, especially the younger ones, to a category they have never really known about."

Although Ann Taylor has not sold fur in many years, its current catalog includes at least eight fur items– predominantly of rabbit fur– that include jackets, a scarf, a hat, and gloves. Rabbit fur is taken from animals raised directly for their fur who suffer just as much as any other caged animal on fur farms. Methods of killing are totally unregulated by the government and may include neck-breaking, bludgeoning and throat-slitting. Because rabbits bred for fur are different from the larger breed raised by the rabbit meat industry, any attempted justification that rabbit fur is a byproduct of the meat industry are spurious.


Because this is Ann Taylor's first foray into the sale of fur in many years, the company may be more responsive to public opinion on the issue. Contact Ann Taylor executives and let them know how disappointed you are to see fur in their fall catalog:

Ann Taylor Store
J. Patrick Spainhour, Chairman and CEO

100 Ann Taylor Drive
P.O. BOX 571650

Taylorsville, UT 84157-1650

Tel.: (800) 342-5266

Fax: (866) 232-9266

E-mail: or

People can also send comments through their website at

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