Are you guilty of hypocrisy? #LookWithin #SelfAnalysis

Are you guilty of hypocrisy?

I’m not saying you are or aren’t. I’m asking you to look into your own life and ask yourself this question very seriously and with sincere objective introspection.

I personally think we are all guilty of it to varying degrees, intentional or not.  It’s really easy to overlook or put aside things we do. We justify them as rare, inconsequential, and lacking in satisfying or acceptable alternatives.

It can be as simple as judging others for lack of impulse control on a subject we deem worthy, but we are dismissive when someone applies the same standards to something we can’t give up.

It could also be much more complicated or nuanced. To me the important thing is to recognize that we do it and just acknowledge the truth.  If you still retain your position at that point, so be it.

If everyone practiced this self acknowledgement and analysis, I think we could come to common ground, consensus, and progress on issues plaguing society and people regularly in our lives.

Why wouldn’t you want to evolve?

So it begs the question… Why would someone not be willing to face their own contradictions? It’s moments like this that cause me to have my biggest breakthroughs and spiritual growth.

I also think it’s helpful when you reexamine your attitudes and beliefs with a fresh perspective . Your knowledge and experience grows as time goes by.  At least, you hope that is the case!

It will leave you with a stronger belief or trust in your position, or it will awaken your need to take another critical look at there you stand on something.

For me the biggest influence is knowledge and learning new facts, realities, and apply those things throughout my life. Some experiences were amazing, some terrifying, some wonderful, and some all of the above.

Passions, love, pain and scars provide the basis of our view of the world.  Before you judge someone else, be sure to keep that in mind. It may not change their appropriateness to remain in your judgemental, easier to connect with, and hopefully less hypocritical.

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