ASPCA Releases Letter Regarding Iams Pet Food

Following the acquisition of The Iams Company by Procter and Gamble (Sept. 1999), some

pet owners and enthusiasts raised questions about whether Iams and Eukanuba products

would continue to be manufactured according to the same exacting quality standards of the


In April 2000, the ASPCA was invited to participate as a member of an independent panel of

pet industry experts to review quality control and assurance procedures at Iams

manufacturing facilities. The ASPCA was represented on this independent panel by Dr.

Steve Hansen, Senior Vice President of the Animal Poison Control Center. The panel, which

included veterinarians, breeders, research nutritionists and pet specialty store owners,

toured the Iams plant in Leipsic, Ohio and reviewed detailed information regarding Iams

quality procedures.

Prior to providing a report to Iams, the panel requested extensive documentation to support

Iams’ claim that product quality had not declined, and that innovative nutritional research

was continuing. Iams provided all confidential documentation requested by the panel without

hesitation. Examples of documentation included:

  1. nutrient reference charts for Iams and Eukanuba products;

  2. information on current research programs;

  3. detailed quality control and assurance Standard Operating Procedures with original

    analysis documents and log entries;

  4. detailed information on raw ingredient specifications, suppliers, delivery, storage, use

    and product distribution;

  5. consumer inquiry and product complaint information.

Panel members also learned that Iams products are manufactured under good

manufacturing processes, and the American Institute of Baking (AIB) randomly inspects all

Iams manufacturing sites. AIB, which sets the benchmark for food sanitation and safety,

again this year awarded The Iams Company “Superior” rankings, the highest available

score, for each manufacturing facility. In April 2001, Hansen accompanied several ASPCA

veterinarians and veterinary technicians during an extensive tour of the Paul F. Iams

Technical Center and the Iams manufacturing plant in Lewisburg, Ohio. They met with

veterinarians from Iams and we were invited to ask in-depth questions about quality

assurance procedures at the Company.

Hansen says they could find “no evidence that Iams has lowered the quality of its products,

and we believe that the Company continues to manufacture products using the stringent

quality standards which pet owners have come to expect. Based on direct inspection of

Iams processes and extensive review of confidential documentation, it is clear that Iams

remains committed to their mission statement, which is to ‘Enhance the well-being of dogs

and cats by providing world-class quality foods.'”

If you have specific questions about the quality of Iams or Eukanuba Dog and Cat Foods,

please call our ASPCA Pet Nutrition and Science Advisory Service toll-free at 866-816-4804

to speak with a veterinary professional, or visit us at

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