Biden Budget Prioritizes Public Health, Climate Action

EDF Statement by Elizabeth Gore, Senior Vice President for Political Affairs

“President Biden’s budget request marks a welcome return to science-based policymaking that will jumpstart bold climate action, create jobs and advance environmental justice. Environmental programs that were under attack by the previous administration receive funding increases in Biden’s proposal, enabling them to better protect every community throughout the country. The proposal ensures critical environmental protections to help bridge the gap in communities that are impacted first and worst by air pollution. And the president has also placed a strong emphasis on innovation by calling for investments in research, development, and deployment programs connected to climate science, clean energy, and new and emerging technologies. This funding will drive the development of a clean energy future with new, zero-emission technologies, protect the health of American families, and move us closer to our goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

This budget sets a course for an impactful, whole-of-government approach to the climate crisis. Congress now has an opportunity to continue this climate-forward work by approving the President’s budget proposal and enacting these critical climate investments.”

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