BOND Calls For Immediate Halt To Federal Executions

Julian Bond, Chairman of the Board, National Association for the

Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), called on President Bush to

immediately halt federal executions. Bond issued his statement on June 13th

during testimony before the Senate Sub-Committee on the Constitution,

Federalism and Property Rights.

Bond said, Current information about the administration of the federal

death penalty calls for an immediate executive moratorium on federal

executions. No federal execution should be carried out at a time when the

nation questions the reliability and fairness of capital punishment and no

person should be executed until it is certain that the process does not


The NAACP Chairmans statement was submitted along with other members of

Citizens for a Moratorium on Federal Executions (CMFE), which is a group

of individuals with differing views on the authority of government to

impose the death penalty. The coalition says the purpose of the moratorium

is to allow a period for careful study about the administration of the

federal death penalty.

Last year during its annual meeting, the NAACP National Board of Directors

approved, by resolution, a moratorium on all death row executions until

then-President Clinton and all U.S. Governors can conduct a clear,

comprehensive review and study of the fairness and accuracy of the death


Bond said, We await action by this Administration which will assure the

American public that if we are to have a federal death penalty,

reliability, fairness and equality will be guaranteed.

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