Brenda Mallory’s Confirmation is Great News for Environmental Protection and Public Health

“The Senate’s confirmation of Brenda Mallory as Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality is tremendous news for everyone who wants clean air, clean water and a healthy climate. I can think of no one better to support President Biden’s all-of-government approach to climate action and take on our many critical environmental challenges.

“Brenda Mallory has a deep and longstanding commitment to protecting public health and the environment for all Americans. Her work as General Counsel for the Council on Environmental Quality during the Obama administration, and in leadership positions at EPA, mean she has the experience needed to be effective from Day One.

“Brenda’s profound commitment to science will mean a safer, healthier environment for all of our families. Having worked closely with Brenda through her role on EDF’s Litigation Advocacy Committee, I know she is deeply committed to the rule of law and ensuring that our nation’s environmental laws achieve their promise of protecting all Americans — particularly those who have suffered due to the long legacy of environmental injustice.

“As the Biden administration embarks on a historic effort to address climate change, build public health and equity and ensure future prosperity, it is great to have someone with Brenda’s extraordinary talent guiding the government’s work.”

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