Bush Administration Abandons Commitment On Global Warming

Environmental Defense sharply criticized the Bush Administration’s

reported plan to withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol, the international treaty

designed to control global warming.

“If the reports are true, the administration would be pursuing bad

environmental policy and bad foreign policy,” said Environmental Defense

executive director Fred Krupp. “The Bush Administration’s approach of

explore for oil and ignore the science on global warming leaves the U.S.

increasingly isolated from the rest of the world. It is bad for America’s

interests for the United States to be seen as the rogue nation of greenhouse

gas pollution.”

“By simply opposing the Kyoto Protocol rather than seeking to improve it, the

administration would have effectively blocked the only binding international

agreement for fighting global warming, while offering no alternative path to

protect the planet,” said Krupp. “This move would have the potential to slow

international action on climate change for many years.”

“Just a few weeks ago the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

warned that the threat from global warming has grown and that Earth’s

climate, its species, and many of its countries are already feeling the effects.

The administration should look at these findings and begin working with the

bipartisan Congressional coalition developing legislation to control carbon

dioxide from power plants, while playing an active and positive role in

negotiations, due to resume in July, aimed at improving and finalizing the

Kyoto Protocol,” said Krupp.

“As the world’s last remaining superpower, and the world’s largest producer

of greenhouse gases, the United States has a special obligation to lead on this

issue. The international community and forward thinking elements of the

business community are already taking this problem on; it’s time for the new

administration to face its responsibilities on global warming as well,” said


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