Canadian Supreme Court Rules Against Family Farmers

The epic battle of Canadian family farmer Percy Schmeiser against biotech giant Monsanto Corporation officially came to a close on May 21. A hairline 5-4 Canadian Supreme Court ruling sided with Monsanto, saying Schmeiser is guilty of the "crime" of saving seeds from his canola plants– seeds which Monsanto claims they own.

In the late 90s, Schmeiser's canola field was contaminated with Monsanto's genetically engineered (GE) seed, most likely from a neighboring farm or from trucks passing in front of his Saskatchewan farm. Monsanto's patent monopoly on GE crops, such as canola, mandate that farmers using the seed must pay "royalty" fees to the gene giant. Since Schmeiser never purchased his seeds from Monsanto or signed an agreement in the first place, he continued to save his seeds and replant each year, so Monsanto sued.

The court's decision has angered family farmers across Canada, and emboldened organic farmers to continue their class action lawsuit against Monsanto and Aventis (Bayer) for contaminating organic crops with mutant GMOs. Join OCA's Millions Against Monsanto Campaign

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