Cat Killers Await Trial

Two Baylor University students who bludgeoned, skinned, and decapitated a

cat named “Queso” have been indicted on animal cruelty charges, 9 weeks

after their arrest. Queso was a homeless cat who had been befriended by

employees and patrons of the Taco Cabana restaurant adjacent to the

University. Clint Bowers and Derek Brehm were initially arrested and

charged with animal cruelty on March 9th, when a search of Bowers’

blood-smeared vehicle turned up a pellet gun, knife, golf club with cat

hair on it, and Queso’s decapitated head.

Ironically, Baylor University prides itself on holding its students to

high moral standards, barring them from activities such as drinking,

gambling, and cohabitation of unmarried couples. Yet so far, the

University has decided only to hand the students a mere 15-day suspension

from the

University’s baseball team. Many fellow students and community members

believe this light punishment contradicts the school’s policy to remove

students who harm or pose a risk to others.

Furthermore, Baylor has downplayed this incident, claiming that the

students have only been targeted because they are athletes. Brehm and

Bowers have never expressed remorse for their cruel actions, except to

regret the inconvenience and negative publicity the case has brought on

themselves and the University.


  • Please ask the McLennan District Attorney to prosecute these two men

    to the fullest extent possible under the law. Remind him of the concrete

    connection between animal cruelty and violence against humans!

    Mr. John Segrest

    Criminal District Attorney, McLennan County, TX

    219 N. 6th St.

    Suite 200

    Waco, TX 76701

    ph: (254) 757-5084

    fax: (254) 757-5021


    You can use the above address to send the same message

    to the Assistant DA, Mr. Crawford Long, or send him an email at:

  • Contact Baylor University officials and tell them how disappointed you

    are in their failure to take this case seriously! Write to them via:

    Baylor University

    Waco, Texas 76798

    or email them individually:

    Robert Sloan (President of Baylor University):


    Stanton (the Athletic Director):

    and Steve Smith (Head Baseball Coach):

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