Cat Rescued by PETA Takes His Walkies Very Seriously

Anyone can tell at a glance that this seriously cute fluffball isn’t a dog, but don’t tell him that. Judging by his behavior, Marvin thinks he’s more Siberian husky than Himalayan feline.

Marvin, a Himalayan cat rescued by PETA, looking very serious

Just like a dog, he’s always ready to roll over onto his back for a relaxing tummy rub.

Marvin the cat lying on his back

Many dogs like to climb onto people’s laps (the better to cuddle and lick their faces). What a coincidence—so does Marvin!

Marvin snuggling with human friend

Playful dogs love romping with other dogs. Playful Marvin does, too! Amazeballs.

Marvin, a very handsome Himalayan cat rescued by PETA

Walkies? Yep, he’s is a fan of those, as well. Just like a dog, he loves his trusty harness and leash.

Marvin, a cat rescued by PETA, out for a stroll

Eight-year-old Marvin came to PETA after his young family became overwhelmed with time commitments and expenses and could no longer give him the care that he needs and deserves. Now he’s searching for a special human to give him a new “leash” on life.

Marvin the cat sleeping on the floor

Would you rather be marvelous than Marvin-less? Sit, stay, and e-mail us at to learn how you can give this very good boy a new home.

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