Colorado Horse Rescue Poisons Wildlife

Last summer, Colorado state wildlife officials spent thousands of dollars

re-seeding 35 acres of wild lands with native grasses and trees to create

a suitable habitat for deer, rabbits, foxes, and prairie dogs.


Boulder County officials gave Colorado Horse Rescue (CHR) the approval to

move onto the land recently, they did so with an understanding that the

prairie dogs would still be protected on the property. Instead, local

community members, animal protectionists, and Boulder County officials

were stunned when CHR systematically poisoned and killed the entire

population of prairie dogs on its new, 50-acre site. Graham Billingsley,

director of the county’s Land Use Department, said that the contractors

hired by CHR stuffed prairie dog holes with poison-soaked newspaper and

then packed the holes with rocks and dirt, trapping all of the animals


The poison used, aluminum phosphide, causes its victims to

bleed internally and die in excruciating pain over the course of several

days. When the operation was reported to county zoning inspector Ed

Meacham, he immediately ordered the poisoning stopped, and animal

protection volunteers stepped in to try to save some of the animals.

Tragically, all rescue efforts were unsuccessful. While CHR claims that

the killing was necessary to successfully revegetate the property, CDOW

officials disagree.


Please protest Colorado Horse Rescue’s cruel wildlife extermination

program. Let them know that you are concerned that an animal rescue

organization would resort to such ruthless, lethal methods in dealing with

wild animals! Let them know that true animal lovers would find humane,

nonlethal solutions to wildlife conflicts:

Colorado Horse Rescue

10386 N. 65th St.

Longmont, CO 80503

ph: 720-494-1414

fax: 720-494-1415


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