Courts and DOE Recognize Dangers of Fracking But Fails to Act in Freeport LNG Case

On August 15th, the D.C. Circuit ruled against a challenge to the Department of Energy’s approval of liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports from the Freeport Texas facility.In response, Sierra Club Staff Attorney Nathan Matthews released the following statement:

“The court, DOE, and communities across the country all agree that exporting LNG will mean more fracking, and more of the air and water pollution that goes with it. We are disappointed with the Court’s refusal to require DOE to use available tools to inform communities of the impact of this additional fracking prior to approving exports. This LNG export approval creates unnecessary risks for the people of Freeport, Texas, and for every community that is saddled with fracking rigs next to their homes, schools, and public spaces.”

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