D.C. Regulators Approve Advanced Leak Detection Program, an Important First Step to Reduce Methane Pollution

The District of Columbia Public Service Commission approved Washington Gas Light Company’s Project Pipes 2 plan to continue replacing leak-prone pipe for the next three years, including an advanced leak detection pilot program. Advanced leak detection technology and data analytics (ALD+) allows gas utilities to identify and quantify methane leaks on their system with greater speed and accuracy than traditional survey methods. As the District strives towards ambitious climate goals, reducing methane emissions from the gas distribution system is an essential step.

“Advanced leak detection technology and data analytics will help Washington Gas find and measure methane leaks so that replacement of leak-prone pipe can be prioritized to reduce emissions faster. The commission’s approval of the ALD+ proposal is an important step forward in reducing methane leaks across the District.

“EDF supports Washington Gas Light’s adoption of advanced leak detection and looks forward to continuing to collaborate with Washington Gas and the Public Service Commission to ensure that the utility’s operations align with the District’s climate goals. D.C. has adopted ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and further planning and changes to Project Pipes will be required to meet those goals.” 

  • Erin Murphy, Attorney, Energy Markets and Utility Regulation

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