During these difficult times…

March 20, 2003

Dear Friend:

With the nation at war-a time of anxiety, preoccupation and
sadness-our thoughts and prayers are with those most at risk,
including members of America's armed forces and their families.

Those of us at home are reminded of our core values: finding
strength in community, confirming our shared purpose, building
a better future, protecting America's natural heritage.
Working together to safeguard our environment is one endeavor
that must continue even as war is waged. More than ever, it
is a positive contribution to the public good that we as
stewards of a sustainable future can make.

In these times, stories about protecting the environment may
not make the front page or the evening news. But that does not
mean our work will be on the back burner. On the contrary,
experience has taught me that our watchdog role is never more
important than when the country's attention is focused elsewhere.

Some special interests, seeking to roll back environmental
protections, have used times like these to try to advance
their cause under cover. I hope things will be different,
but we cannot assume these interests will take a "war recess."
So, we will be vigilant and I will count on your help to take
action if needed.

Some of our legislative priorities in Washington may be
postponed, but most of the work of Environmental Defense
across America will go on just as planned. We will join
hand in hand with landowners to create and improve habitat
for endangered species. We will work day by day with partners
like FedEx and DuPont to gain healthier air and slow global
warming. Our scientific efforts to create a better
environmental future will move forward diligently.

Thanks to the steadfast support of friends like you, our work
has continued without interruption through good times and bad
for more than 35 years. The days ahead will be no exception.
As always, I will keep you informed of our progress, and
I encourage you to stay in touch with us during these
difficult times.


Fred Krupp

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