Economic Team Is Further Evidence Biden Wants Bold Climate Action, Strong Economy

“President-elect Joe Biden has made clear he will put job creation and climate change at the center of his agenda. The selection of Neera Tanden and the reported choice of Brian Deese for key positions are further indications that Biden will focus on building a strong economy and taking bold action to reduce climate pollution.

“Neera Tanden, who will be nominated to be Director of the Office of Management and Budget, is a champion for climate action. As president of the Center for American Progress, she has pushed for bold plans to create jobs, build healthy and equitable communities, and reduce climate pollution. Her leadership at OMB will ensure strong coordination of efforts across the federal government to address greenhouse gas pollution and build climate resilience. In addition, she will work to advance rulemakings designed to faithfully carry out the laws passed by Congress. With Neera Tanden we are assured of smart policy decisions to reduce pollution and preserve our environment for future generations.

“Brian Deese, who has reportedly been chosen to lead the National Economic Council, has demonstrated his commitment to climate action at every stage of his career. From his service in the Obama White House to his work pushing companies to improve their environmental performance, Brian Deese has consistently fought for environmental protection and climate safety. In the White House, Deese played an important role in the negotiations that led to the historic Paris Climate Agreement. Deese was also instrumental in the 2009 rescue of the U.S. auto industry and the American jobs it saved, and he helped achieve an agreement that set ambitious goals to reduce vehicle pollution. That experience will be invaluable as the Biden administration pushes for zero-emissions vehicles to address America’s largest source of climate pollution. In the private sector, Deese led the Sustainable Investing Team at Blackrock, using the leverage provided by that position to prioritize climate risk.

“These two choices, along with others that have been announced, bode well for a long overdue push to reduce climate pollution. We need experienced, battle-tested leaders who are committed to climate action if we’re going to make real progress. Having Neera Tanden and Brian Deese in government is another sign that Joe Biden is serious about bold climate action.”

Elizabeth Gore, EDF Senior Vice President, Political Affairs

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